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About LUSCIOUS landscapes


Luscious Landscapes started operating on the far south coast of NSW in June 2006.

Kathleen McCann began Luscious Landscapes in response to the growing concern in the community for the future of our natural environment and it's sustainability. Luscious Landscapes offers a different approach to garden and landscape design by using sustainable techniques and land use practices that stem from permaculture design models.


What is Permaculture?


Permaculture has been formed from the words permanent agriculture. It is a practical system of ecological design employing powerful natural patterns. You can design & build profitable, sustainable, productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability & resilience of natural ecosystems.

Permaculture is a world-wide movement of designers, teachers, & grassroots activists working to restore damaged ecosystems & human communities. Permaculture derives practical techniques & principles from the study of natural systems & applies them to earth repair & care. Permaculture is a design system that works toward establishing productive environments - providing for food, shelter, energy, waste recycling, material & non-material need - as well as the social & economic infrastructures that support them. It aims to create systems that will sustain the present as well as future generations.

Luscious Landscapes uses permaculture to enable the ordinary person to implement design systems into their own property that are sustainable, practical and ethical.
If you get it right from the start you can have a great garden that is affordable, durable and beautiful.



Kathleen's Credentials


2015 Diploma in Permaculture, Riverina Tafe

2005 Accredited Permaculture Training Cert 4 (Robyn Francis, Nimbin)

2005 Course Orientation Workshop (Nimbin)

2004 Permaculture Design Course  (David Holmgren, John Champagne, Phil Gall, Hugh Gravestein)

2003 Workplace Training and Assessment (Illawarra Institute of Tafe Bega)

25 years gardening experience

15 years experience delivering workshops, from no-dig gardening to building chicken coops

Design commissions including murals, mosaics in the ACT and Bega



Kathleen's story ....


My eclectic career began in 1980, leaving the south coast of NSW to become a Jillaroo in the Mudgee region (instead of the secretary my mother wanted, but at least I learnt to type). In 1984 I enrolled at the Canberra School of Art and majored in painting. During the late 80's I was a freelance graphic artist,  working mainly for the ACT community and welfare sector. Moved to the far south coast of NSW in 1997 and studied Ceramics for 3 years at Bega Tafe. Joined Spiral Gallery, an artists cooperative in Bega, for 5 years.


Did an introduction to permaculture course, with John Champagne in 2004 and the die was cast. A PDC later in 2004 with John Champagne, David Holgrem and other wonderful permie teachers.  2005 saw me at Djanbung Gardens in Nimbin where I completed Cert 4  with Robyn Francis. In 2015 I completed a Diploma in Permaculture with Riverina Tafe. I regularly deliver workshops and training courses throughout south east NSW and in the Monaro region.


And no matter where I lived, I've just had to have a garden.