LUSCIOUS landscapes


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Gardenscape Consultancy

  • Kitchen gardens and herb spirals

  • Mandala and keyhole gardens

  • No dig gardens

  • Entertainment & play space

  • Orchards and trees

  • Windbreaks and shelter belts

  • Small animal systems integrated into garden
    plans (chickens, rabbits etc)

  • Waterwise designs

  • Ponds and native animal habitats

  • Staged designs to suit your income









Permaculture Consultancy


  • Pre purchase advice on prospective property

  • What plants will best suit your site

  • Best grey water systems for your budget

  • What animal systems would work for your site

  • Orchard systems







  • Permaculture Design Diploma & Certificates I - IV
    modules (including RPL)

  • Part-time Permaculture Design courses: Short courses,
    weekend workshops & 2 week intensives

  • No dig gardening workshops

  • Organic gardening practices

  • Building a poultry run

  • Composting

  • Pruning

  • Seed saving & Propagation